Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vibram Four Fingers!

Vibram Five Fingers

My pair of Vibram Five Fingers finally arrived! I ordered them back in May and it took a month (of being on backorder) for them to come.

I have two webbed twos on each of my feet, so when ordering the shoes I was a bit apprehensive on whether they would fit me. After a quick google search I found this page which described how to cut open two of the toe-pockets and sew them together. I followed the tutorial and the shoes came out very well. I even did a 2 mile test run and the stitches didn't show any strain.

Vibram Four Fingers

Even though it's scary to take a pair of scissor to a new pair of shoes, I'd say that this hack is definitely worth doing for people with webbed toes.

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