Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thingaweek #2 - Macbook Case

Thingaweek #2 - Tyvek Macbook Case

UPDATE: A picture has been added.

You may have thought that I forgot about thingaweek, but in fact, I didn't! (9pm on a sunday night is still part of week #2).

This week, I created a sleeve for my macbook. I used two tyvek envelopes and stuffed each envelope with two plastic bags. I made sure that the bags were secured inside of the envelopes and I sealed the envelopes shut. I then used my white duct tape and taped the envelopes together to create my case.

My main machine (my macbook) is currently "elsewhere" and contains all of the photos that I took for this post. When my macbook comes back, I'll add the pictures to this post.

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