Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Don't Have to Change

The style of music that I enjoy changes daily, but I've been listening to It Don't Have to Change by John Legend a lot, recently. I originally discovered the song from listening to Julia Nunes' version. While my musical taste varies greatly, I generally look for strong harmony in a song and I felt that this one really had strong harmony. For me, it's one of those "feel good" songs that builds really nicely as the song goes on. I felt that Nunes' cover was very good (adding an interesting twist by replacing the piano with a ukulele), but I liked the original version by John Legend more. Having Legend include his actual family in the song added to my enjoyment of it.

After listening to several times, I couldn't resist trying to play it on the piano. I did some research and I found the opening part of the song in sheet music, but because I'm too cheap to buy the music, I was only able to see the first page of it. Even so, you still get the first couple of chords and a bit of the melody.

Other things that I'm listening to are Pomplamoose and I Need Some Sleep by Eels (I also found the first page of the sheet music).