Sunday, June 3, 2012

Arduino Midi Controller: Part 1


In my previous post, I attempted to hack a Tiger Lights Out game to have an Arduino-controlled LED button matrix. While I was able to gain access to the LEDs, I had trouble reading from the button matrix. While I was troubleshooting, I found another midi controller that was similar to the monome: the midi fighter. This seemed like the best of both worlds, because it was easier to build because there were fewer buttons and the number of buttons was an even number, making it fit with 4 or 8 part music sequencing.


I had most of the parts I needed except for buttons, LEDs to put into the buttons, and resistors. I wanted to use RGB LEDs to give each button more flexibility, and I also had access to some potentiometers.

So far, I've wired up the LEDs and written some demo code to show that I can access all of them and each of their colors work. The LEDs are driven by two shift registers, and I'll describe in more detail in a future post how the wiring and code works. For now, here's a demo video and its associated code:

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