Saturday, July 7, 2012

Arduino Midi Controller Part 3: LEDs!

I apologize for the delay between this post and my last post. Several things have happened (high school graduation, family vacation, etc.) which prevented me from posting. In any case, I have mounted the buttons in a viable case, mounted the LEDs in the buttons, and wired everything up except the button switches.

I scrapped the idea of making a wood plate because it became too time-consuming. Instead, I found a plastic container and used the tip of my soldering iron to cut out holes for the buttons.


I then began the long, menial, and monotonous process of wiring everything up. The first step was to solder 330 ohm resistors on the positive leads of the RGB LEDs.


Once this was complete, I added connecting wire to the LEDs and insulated the connections (I had to use duct tape because I didn't have access to heat-shrinking tubing). I then stuffed the LEDs inside of the buttons and bundled the wires into a semi-organized mass.



Finally, using a similar wiring design as before, I connected the LEDs to the Arduino through two 74HC595 output shift registers.


Below is the demo code I used to flash through all of the LEDs:

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