Saturday, January 5, 2013

Frankenpod v3

As part of my ongoing quest to build the perfect music player, I've moved on from my hacked iPod Mini to Frankenpod v3.

photo 3

Frankenpod v3 is a similar hack to v2, however, I used an iPod Classic rather than an iPod Mini. The main reason for this was to be able to see album titles, album art, and have longer battery life. The hack was essentially the same process as for v2, with the exception of having to use a SATA ZIF to Compact Flash converter.

Project Notes:
  • The iPod Classic I used was from eBay and had "water damage". I was worried that this may have meant a ruined logic board, but it turned out that only the hard drive was damaged. 
  • I was planning on replacing the battery, however, the stock battery seems to hold a decent charge. I plan to hold off replacing the battery until the stock one dies.
  • The iPod Classic is, by far, the most difficult device I have ever opened. (iFixit agrees with me) The outer case consists of two pieces that are held together by 13 hidden clips and a pressure fit. 
Below are some pictures of the build process:

photo 4

photo 5

photo 2

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 1

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