Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keyboard Mod

I was going to write about a case mod I attempted with my old white Macbook, but I accidentally shorted part of the logic board and the computer no longer boots. Instead, I will write about a successful mod I finished today in the hopes that I will, one day, repair the busted logic board and finish the case mod.


I bought an iPad 3 when it came out and have been enjoying it ever since. My only gripe has been the on-screen keyboard: I'm a touch-typist and not having physical keys slows me down. The intermediate solution was to buy a keyboard case. The size was fine because I had already been acclimated to small keyboards from when I used a netbook, but I had still trouble hitting the correct keys because there wasn't enough spacing to distinguish between keycaps.

My solution: put rubber feet on the keys!


While it may not look pretty, the keyboard is much more usable. I can type at ~80% of my speed on a full keyboard and do so totally without looking at the keys. As a testament to it's usability, I have typed this entire post with the modded keyboard.

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